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Adaptive Truss at The Building Centre - 29/07/16

Featured image of article: Adaptive Truss at The Building Centre

The Building Centre’s Adaptive Structures exhibition, running from 2nd August to 2nd September, will revolve around the Adaptive Truss, a super slender and light weight structure that uses sensors, control intelligence and actuators to change its shape to prevent excessive movement caused by loads, flipping normal engineering/architectural design thinking on its head.

Compared to a conventional cantilever structure, the Adaptive Truss is six times more slender and uses 80% less steel.  Uniquely, it is designed for strength only; when a large load is applied to the truss the active system comes into play and prevents excessive movement.  In normal day-to-day conditions, it uses no power and hence the system uses only a small amount of electricity.

Illustrations, visualisations and exhibition design by our Trust colleagues Thomas.Matthews guide the narrative, helping the visitor to learn more about the novel design philosophy that the prototype embodies.

Further information about the exhibition can be found here. Live demos will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12 to 2 – come and meet the research team and give it a try!