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Aga Khan Centre is part of Open House - 18/09/18

Featured image of article: Aga Khan Centre is part of Open House

The Aga Khan Centre at King’s Cross will be open to the public as part of Open House on 22 and 23 September and we hope to see you there.

We were the civil and structural engineers working with Pritzker prize winning architect Fumihiko Maki on his first building in the UK together with Allies and Morrison as Executive Architect and BAM as the main contractor.

Having worked on a number of successful international collaborations previously, we used our experience to contribute to an effective design team, ensuring the project design process was the best it could be for our client.

We add value to our projects by proactive engagement with contractors to derisk key packages and achieve the desired quality for our clients. For example, elsewhere on the King’s Cross development, the buildings already constructed had adopted piled solutions for the substructure. Early in the design, we explored the option of a raft foundation system that resulted in significant construction cost savings, setting an example for future developments on the site.

A critical architectural feature for the project was achieving a monolithic appearance of the stone façade. This was accomplished by minimising the façade joint sizes required to accommodate structural movements. Our detailed analysis and recommendations on sequencing empowered the Architect to achieve this vision. Although not visible in the architecture, we used insightful and practical engineering to deliver cost effective long span volumes that supported Maki’s vision for the differing spaces required within the building.

If you make it down to open house, perhaps you’ll see some of us there. We hope you enjoy visiting this building as much as we did working on it, and notice the differences between it and the surrounding structures.