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Anwa Junior School Sewer, Nairobi - 24/01/17

Featured image of article: Anwa Junior School Sewer, Nairobi

Our very own Anna Collins has travelled to Kenya this week to oversee the construction of a sewer to serve Anwa Junior Academy.

Located in Kibera, Nairobi, the largest informal settlement in Africa, Anwa Junior Academy will provide better education in an improved and safe environment for 400 children.  The school is being designed and delivered by Kounkuey Design Initiative as part of their Public Productive Learning Space programme. Expedition, in collaboration with ARUP, are specifically involved in supporting the design and implementation of connecting the school’s sanitary block to the main public sewer.  The school’s sanitary block and sewer will serve not only the school, but also the wider community, improving access to sanitation and reducing pollution risk to the surrounding environment.

Kounkuey Design Initiative is a design and community development NGO, who work collaboratively with the Kibera community to build small scale projects that help physically transform their environment, grow economic resilience, and build social cohesion.  When taken together, these projects create physical and human networks that can start to address larger, regional challenges.

Main Photo: Anwa Junior Academy

The trench has been excavated by Kibera locals
The first pipe being laid!
Anna surveying the area