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Bamboo Tensegrity Triumph - 16/09/15

Featured image of article: Bamboo Tensegrity Triumph

Expedition is delighted to announce the successful completion of the bamboo tensegrity sculpture at the Anglesey Abbey National Trust Gardens near Cambridgeshire.

After weeks of planning and two days of construction the sculpture can now be viewed at a beautiful and peaceful location, under a tree, downstream from the Lode Mill. Everyone in the team pulled together to fabricate a 2.6m diameter bamboo tensegrity ring that rotates around a bespoke bamboo hub. Through hard work (and enjoyment!) the team created an intricate, elegant and interactive rotating artistic structure. For more background on the project check out the project page here.

Be sure to come and discover the tensegrity sculpture next time you visit the Gardens in Cambridgeshire.  Don’t forget to pull the handle!