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Buy Social for a Better World - 14/10/19

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For the national Social Enterprise UK’s #BuySocial campaign week we highlighted some of the things the Useful Simple Trust companies Expedition, Useful Projects, Useful Studio, thomas.matthews and think up have done to have a positive impact on the built environment.


Get It Right Initiative

We conducted research which showed that error is costing the construction industry between £10–25Bn per annum across the sector and between 10-25% of project costs. Error not only costs money, but it also produces unnecessary waste and increases embodied carbon due to re-work. To help tackle this issue we invested time to help establish the Get it Right Initiative. GIRI is a group of UK construction industry experts, organisations and businesses actively improving productivity and quality in the construction sector by eliminating error.



Minimising Energy in Construction (MEICON)

MEICON is a pioneering research project funded by EPSRC which has the objective to identify and address sources of wasted embodied energy, value-less cost, and performance over-design in the construction industry. Expedition and our sister company think up are two of the five industry partners currently supporting MEICON by investing time to contribute to the research.



Skip Garden Glass Lantern in King’s Cross

In 2015 we donated time to provide structural design for this project in collaboration with Bartlett School of Architecture second year student Rachael Taylor..

>> Glass Lantern project page




Photograph courtesy of Jan Kattein