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Chiswick Footbridge – First two spans lifted into place - 04/06/18

Featured image of article: Chiswick Footbridge – First two spans lifted into place

On Sunday 3rd of June, the first two of three spans of the Chiswick Footbridge were lifted into place over the railway and road adjacent to Chiswick Business Park. The bridge, designed by Expedition, fabricated and erected by Severfield with the construction phase led by Lendlease, forms a key part of the business park. The project means a great deal to our office and it was fantastic to have the support of lots of our team on the day.

The two lifts were meticulously planned in order to complete the works within a 27-hour Network Rail track possession. In the early hours of Sunday morning, the largest span (45m) was lifted into position before being welded to the columns ahead of schedule.

After a break for the staff on site (and a much-needed brunch for the Expedition gang who came to watch), the second span (40m) was lifted on Sunday afternoon. A crowd of interested members of public were at the business park to watch as the arch was successfully landed on its V-columns.

It was a very special day for everyone at Expedition, past and present, to see the bridge making a significant step towards completion. The first scheme ideas for the bridge were drawn in 2002, and a few iterations later, two of the three beautiful Corten weathering steel arches are now in place.

The construction team will now get started on the third span, which will be lifted into place in the autumn before completion in the new year.