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Chiswick Park Footbridge shortlisted for Structural Award - 01/08/19

Featured image of article: Chiswick Park Footbridge shortlisted for Structural Award

Chiswick Park Footbridge has been shortlisted in the Pedestrian Bridges category in this year’s Structural Awards. This category awards excellence in the design of pedestrian and/or cycle bridges, or other lightweight bridge structures.

There are twelve categories in all and the winners will be announced at a ceremony on 15 November 2019.

Congratulations to our sister company Useful Studio and the rest of the team and fingers crossed for the awards ceremony!


Judge’s comment:

“This striking ‘network’ arched bridge resolves many competing design considerations into a simple, elegant, and efficient form, demonstrating both creativity and innovation by the team.

Careful considerations for constructability and zero maintenance were balanced against functional performance during design, ultimately influencing the final bridge form and materials selection.

The highly collaborative process involving multiple stakeholders and community resulted in a bridge that improves safety in the community, reduces overcrowding to the nearby train station, and creates a positive identity for the local area.”


Professional photographs copyright Jill Tate