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IEMA Sustainability Impact Awards Shortlistings - 20/07/20

Featured image of article: IEMA Sustainability Impact Awards Shortlistings

The Useful Simple Trust is shortlisted for two categories in this year’s IEMA Sustainability Impact Awards: Circular Economy and Sustainable Organization.

Together with our sister companies Thomas.Matthews, Useful Projects and Useful Studio, we are part of the Useful Simple Trust. We’re a collaboration of over 60 engineers, architects, designers, consultants and communicators, with a shared vision to blaze a trail in the integrated, intelligent and ethical provision of the built environment.

We are an employee benefit organisation and a social enterprise, and are incredibly proud of our work in sustainable design, engineering and development.

At Expedition, our mission is BOLD. Our goal is industry transformation on carbon reduction, climate adaptation and biodiversity gain. Our challenge, which we relish, is to work with clients and collaborators to understand this complex arena and develop bespoke approaches that respond to organisational context.

Find out about how we are dedicated to environmental and social issues in this Thinking Piece.

And some of our retrofit projects are featured in our Transforming Buildings brochure.

Congratulations everyone and fingers crossed for the awards!