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Daniel Libeskind Unveils Kurdistan Museum Design - 12/04/16

Featured image of article: Daniel Libeskind Unveils Kurdistan Museum Design

On Monday 11 April in New York, Daniel Libeskind unveiled the design for The Kurdistan Museum at the Bloomberg Businessweek Design Conference in San Francisco. Expedition has been working with Studio Libeskind on the project since 2010.

The museum is planned to be sited at the base of the ancient Citadel in Erbil, Iraq, and “aims to convey the spirit of the Kurdish people, their rich culture and the future of Kurdistan,” said Libeskind.

At the request of the city’s governor the museum has been kept secret until now and we are pleased the project is now in the open.  See our project page for more information.


Renders courtesy of Hayes Davidson
View of the site from the Citadel
Design team on the ramp to the Citadel