Our Values

We are pioneering by design. Expedition is structured and managed to provide positive change, not only through our engineering, but also through our approach and working practices.

As part of the Useful Simple Group, we’re an employee-benefit trust, where sustainable practices, a collaborative approach, a stimulating and diverse work environment, and fair remuneration are written into our ethos. Our mission, and our status as a B-Corporation, means that we pursue and ensure the delivery of positively impactful projects that meet today’s needs without compromising tomorrow.

Our Approach

Building social good

Through our professional and personal actions we work to improve the human environment. We use our practical and intellectual skills to make constructive change, small or large. We believe that our design decisions can make a significant positive impact and work hard to help our clients and their users find this value. We relish being part of a global movement to do business differently.

A collaborative family

We are an Employee Owned business and B-Corp, and as such, we ensure transparency in our governance, management and day-to-day activities. We work together to improve  our organisation and our own professional practice through an active coaching culture. We are believers in the collaborative effort — for our organisation, design team colleagues and client relationships.

Focus on the future

We are an innovation organisation. All the work we deliver should consider its impact in social, environmental and financial terms. Our insightful and nimble approach allows us to be responsive to client and planet needs, now and for the future. We imagine positive solutions to the reality of a multi-challenge future and use our experience and practice to deliver them.

Expert practitioners

All our brands have long and proven experience. Our collective capacity means we can deliver high level output across a number of design disciplines from strategy to practical application. This end-to-end approach, expert knowledge and collaborative structure means a more informed, considered output for clients and a better built environment.