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Expedition worked with JH Architecture to design this glasswalled structure in the garden of the client. The space houses a private art collection and provides a peaceful meditation space in which to practice yoga.

The site location and planning requirements called for a structure which was unobtrusive and did not detract from the beauty garden. This led to the use of glass walls and a green roof to blend in with the surroundings.

The structure is approximately 8m by 4m on plan and 3.4m high, which was limited by planning. The steel and timber roof is supported on 6 steel columns rising from a concrete raft foundation. The walls are glass, spanning vertically between the ground and the roof and providing lateral stability in the long direction of the structure. The roof has an attractive green ‘sedum’ covering which is in keeping with the wooded area of the garden and fulfils another planning requirement.

A particular challenge on this project was restricted site access, which was via a narrow path to the side of the house. All bulk construction materials had to be brought in by hand as access for plant was very limited. As such, Expedition concentrated on limiting materials in the design. The foundations were designed to reduce concrete volume by including polystyrene void formers. The green sedum roof had a much lighter weight than traditional green roof systems and a thinner build up which allowed the internal height to be maximised, whilst still keeping to the height restrictions.

Architect: JH Architecture
Status: Completed 2009

Glass Box