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An all weather track that floods when it rains, simply isn’t an all weather track! We were initially appointed to develop a concept for drainage this new facility and to deal with the hydrological and flood risk elements of the planning application and Environmental Statement. Subsequently we developed the detailed design and provided construction supervision of drainage works. The drainage solution itself is technically challenging because of the complex interaction between groundwater and local watercourses at this site.

We were also commissioned to investigate the components of a new surfacing material for use on All Weather Tracks, specifically looking at impact to the water environment. We carried out testing of the material and an assessment of risk of water contamination. The assessment led to approval by the Agency for use of the material at Kempton Park…an approval which was project critical.

Ed McCann
Fred Labbé

Client: Racecourse Holdings Trust Limited

Status: Completed 2006

Kempton Park All-Weather Track