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The UK’s first pop-up village, the project has allowed a vacant brownfield site to be temporarily used for housing while a long term solution is developed. Working directly for SIG, the specialist manufacturer, Expedition provided the structural engineering design for this four storey modular volumetric timber construction.

64 units were prefabricated and fully fitted out off-site to provide 24 homes and 880 sqm of ground floor business space. External circulation areas comprise precast concrete lift cores and panelised external timber decks simply connected between the units and core.

Working with SIG we have developed a structural solution that allows the completed modules to be simply connected together on site without compromising the unit’s integrity which is fundamental to the success of the system.

The use of timber construction simplifies fabrication allowing semi-skilled labour to be used. This has allowed the modules to be constructed and fitted out in the factory including the interior finishes, bathrooms and kitchens.

The lightweight structure allows low impact shallow foundations to be adopted, one of the key criteria for a temporary site.

This holistic approach to construction maximises the quality of the construction, minimises waste and reduces site times considerably resulting in a high quality, low cost solution to meet local housing needs.

The client is currently fitting out the ground floor business space to suit the individual needs of the soon-to-be tenants.

The project has been awarded the Mayor’s Prize and also won in the Temporary Category in the 2016 New London Awards.

Watch RSH+P’s timelapse video here to see the units being installed on site.


Neil Reeder

Client: Lewisham Council

Contractor: SIG

Project Value: £4.3m

Status: Complete


Professional photograph copyright
Ben Luxmoore

PLACE/Ladywell Lewisham