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We are currently working closely with David Chipperfield Architects on Lah Contemporary Gallery in Bled, Slovenia. The project is to house a private collection of contemporary art which will be open to the public. Located close to the famous lake and castle it is intended to be a key part of Bled’s future tourism strategy.

The design includes large open gallery spaces and an external visually exposed structural concrete walls, i.e. integrated façade and structure. This creates several unique challenges which required careful structural design and close collaboration with the architects and local partners ELEA. Notably the control of cracking required careful consideration of the concrete mix, construction sequencing and reinforcement detailing.


Cut into the side of the hill at the foot of Bled Castle, multistorey gallery spaces are being constructed to suit the sculptures in the collection. The Kiefer Gallery is a quadruple height space designed around Anselm Kiefer’s Sonnenschiff sculpture. During construction, the sculpture will be placed on the ground floor slab and then the building constructed around it due to the size of the sculpture’s elements. The site is in an active seismic zone so careful consideration of seismic forces was required given the non-symmetric layout.


George Oates
Ronan Hunt

Client: Lah Contemporary Foundation

Architect: David Chipperfield

Status: Detailed design


Renders courtesy of David Chipperfield Architects

Lah Contemporary Gallery, Bled, Slovenia