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This project was proposed to be located next to a new linear park in the new Millennium Quarter south of London’s Docklands. Working closely with Michael Hopkins architects and the environmental consultants BDSP, we developed the self-shading, self-stabilising, curved form as a direct response to the site winds, sunpath, ground level microclimate and optimal views.

The towers were tested interactively in BMT’s wind tunnel to reduce drag and environmental wind, with all of the design team hacking away at the wind tunnel model with cardboard and scissors until we found a way of removing the air flow normally found around the base of tall buildings to make the ground plane and the new parks as comfortable as possible. In the end, we’ve achieved a project in which the four curved towers mimic the behaviour of an artificial mountain, each tower growing taller than the previous one, with the tallest furthest from the prevailing wind.

Planning consent for 1 million ft2 of mixed use space was granted in 2001, but the project remains on hold. Our co-engineers on the project are the Canadian company Yolles.

Seán Walsh
Chris Wise
Bruce Martin
Tom Hull

Client: Fidelity Investments

Architect: Hopkins Architects

Status: On hold since 2003

London Millharbour