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The Old Oak Common and Park Royal development is one of the UK’s largest regeneration projects, aiming to provide 25,000 new homes and 65,000 new jobs. To achieve this, a high density urban environment is proposed, with densities that have not been achieved in the UK to date. Another key aspiration for the development is to create a high quality and resource efficient urban form that enhances placemaking and wellbeing and reduces energy use.

We have been appointed to develop an approach to appraise wellbeing and energy efficiency and support the development of the masterplan, urban layout and building massing.

An environmental analysis framework has been developed, based on a review of published research, design guides, latest modelling tools and consultation with experts. The framework sets out performance metrics, benchmark scales and an appraisal methodology to evaluate internal daylight, internal sunlight, outdoor sunlight, urban wind and energy efficiency. It differentiates between the masterplanning stage, when several building blocks need to be tested without detailed information being available, and the building design stage, when more detailed calculations are feasible.

The approach builds on latest 3D parametric tools such as the Urban Modelling Interface developed by MIT specifically for the masterplanning stage. These tools allow easy exploration of different massing and urban layout proposals and provide a rapid performance feedback.

Working with the planning team, we have extensively tested this approach by evaluating parts of the masterplan and identifying key issues. We have also carried out a more in depth analysis of specific areas, testing an alternative scheme to address some of the key issues.

Client: Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation

Role: Environmental masterplanning

Status: In progress

Old Oak Common Masterplan