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Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, Expedition and a team of local engineers were appointed to develop the design of a new transport interchange at Naples Capodichino Airport.

The creation of a landmark entrance to the new station and the rationalisation of the circulation of passengers between the airport, the underground station and a bus station were key drivers for the project.

We developed a scheme that mapped to the movements of passengers, and the requirements for sheltering from the elements on the airport forecourt.

A rationalised and efficient structural engineering scheme for the 4,800m2 canopy roof was developed, consisting of radial cantilevering glulam timber ribs. With a particular focus on buildability, a great repetition of elements could be achieved with the use of a toroidal geometry for the general roof form.

The arrangement of the louvres plates has been finely tuned to the sun path, with a parametric 3D model to achieve the required shading and minimise the amount of materials used.

Chris Wise
Andrew Weir
Fred Labbé

Client: Metropolitiana di Napoli
Architect: Roger Stirk Harbour + Partners
Status: Design Completed 2007

Stazione Capodichino, Naples