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Expedition Engineering carried out engineering concept and scheme design studies for the Station Roof and piazza Approach Canopy that form part of the Naples Capodichino Station Masterplan, in collaboration with Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSH+P).

We worked on the development of integrated structural engineering, solar shading and roof drainage concepts for the canopy roofs. The station roof can be likened to a light floating disc over the station entrance shaft. The 48m diameter roof structure, reminiscent of a bicycle wheel, consists of a convex radial cable net bound by a perimeter compression ring beam, suspended from vertical masts.

An integrated solar shading concept has been developed for the canopy roof, to effectively control solar gains whilst maintaining good levels of natural light and views to the sky from within the station. Radial fabric sails within the cable net structure block the direct sun, but allow diffuse light into the station. The fabric sails follow the geometry of the cable net structure, starting horizontally on the perimeter and twisting to a vertical alignment towards the centre. Their geometry has been finely tuned using advanced 3D parametric and environmental modelling tools.

Chris Wise
Fred Labbé

Client: Metropolitiana di Napoli
Architect: Roger Stirk Harbour + Partners
Status: Design Completed 2007

Stazione Capodichino Roof