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Whilst at Black & Veatch, Ed McCann lead the 20-25 strong Terminal 5 Water Engineering design team from 1999 to June 2002. Judith Sykes and Fred Labbe, also working for Black & Veatch at the time, were part of the team. All three were mostly involved in:

• Surface water and foul drainage
• Production of surface water drainage masterplans and strategies;
• Research studies to improve understanding of airfield runoff contamination by de-icing products to support the design of the pollution control system and the determination of appropriate discharge consent standards;
• Negotiation with the Environment Agency in regard to surface water discharge consents, PPG25 issues and flood risk on new planning applications;

• Design of the surface water drainage system including 18km of large diameter pipes, 150 manholes up to 7m deep and a 4km long 3m diameter tunnel;
• Design of pollution control system including, kerosene and grit interception systems, return pumping station and main and a 60,000m³ above ground storage lagoon;
• Concept design to construction of foul drainage systems, including 6km of pipe, 85 manholes and 10 pumping stations;
• Design of bird deterrent system for balancing ponds and lagoons (bird balls)
• Design and implementation of the construction drainage system;
Water supply and firefighting:
• Research studies to benchmark water consumption in airports and setting of environmental targets for the water systems;
• Definition of water supply strategy to achieve 70% reduction in potable water demand;
• Development of design standards in relation to water efficiency;
• Concept design of a dual potable and non-potable water supply system for the development – incorporating boreholes for groundwater abstraction, the largest urban rainwater harvesting scheme in the UK, water treatment works, storage tanks, pumping stations;
• Concept design of airfield and fuel farm firefighting delivery systems;

  • BAA/CIRIA 2000 Environmental Construction Award for “Environmentally Responsible Design” for the design of the water supply system on the T5 project.
  • Shortlisted for the 2001 BAA/CIRIA Sustainable Construction Awards for the design of the Terminal 5 Rainwater Harvesting Scheme.

Ed McCann
Fred Labbé

Client: BAA

Water Engineer: Ed McCann, Fred Labbe (whilst at Black & Veatch)

Status: Completed

Terminal 5 Water Engineering Infrastructure, Heathrow