Construction Innovation

We are innovators at heart. Our engineering-led advice is informed by a passion for pioneering innovations and productivity improvements, providing you with strategic, independent and specialist support from concepts through to construction and sustainable asset management. Our approach is always focused on the best results for your capital programme portfolio, or major project, working closely alongside you at each step to deliver step change improvements in cost carbon and productivity. What’s more, our unique status as an SME, social enterprise and B Corp means you get our full commitment and entirely independent advice.

At Expedition, we seek out innovation everywhere. Understanding new techniques, materials and processes keeps us at the forefront of engineering, able to solve the problems presented by clients in new and resourceful ways. Whether that’s productivity improvement, sustainable practices, resource efficiency, safety, MMC/P-DfMA or any other construction innovation, we approach all new ideas with the same pioneering fascination, tempered by decades of experience in engineering for the real world. This means we know how to get things successfully implemented and delivered within the complex sectors of infrastructure and construction.


Our clients know that we love doing the job well — engineering innovation is our passion, and we approach every project with personal, as well as professional, pride. That means being open and honest throughout the process, so you can rely on a partner with integrity. Our background as an employee-owned social enterprise and B Corp means everyone here is committed to doing things the right way, without favour or prejudice — and as an SME, independent advice is our prime directive on every project. We are dedicated to the project in hand, and not swayed by the needs to satisfy a wider corporate agenda.


We’re proud of the positions that our people hold in the industry. Many of us hold influential roles in key institutions , positions on advisory boards, drive pan-sector improvement initiatives and help to draw up the policies that shape the entire industry. One benefit of this is our excellent connections to a wider network of experts across many different fields, who we often bring into working groups as external advisers. It means we don’t only use our own people — we can speak to those independent voices who lead their field, and bring their expertise to your project.


We employ new ways of working to make your project or programme faster, more efficient, and at scale. From Design Thinking techniques that lets you understand how to best solve a challenge, to our pioneering Tiger Team approach of bringing together unbiased experts in a series of strategic phases, we provide practical and sustainable ideas and solutions to every project.


Strategic advice

We provide clients with engineering-led strategic advice around productivity improvement and innovation agenda setting, identifying key contextual factors and priorities in order to  improve their capital works programmes.

Innovation delivery

We advise on the innovations that make a difference and should be included in your project or programme, including on the supply side, and scaling. We can work with existing supply chains and stakeholders to plan and then guide initiatives all the way through to implementation atscale, drawing upon our extensive expertise in the construction industry.

Design innovation

Expedition helps clients conceive and design front-end concepts and innovations, such as the AVA footbridge system, embedding new techniques and materials into construction. Our combination of engineering expertise and innovation know-how ensure efficient delivery of the project.

Innovation management

We support clients with the delivery of their innovation portfolio, making the delivery of innovations more efficient and effectively deployed at scale.  We support organisations looking to deliver innovations at scale, often in the direction of improved cost and value, Net Zero goals and wider sustainability objectives.

Key People

Key People