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Shakespeare’s New Place – Mind’s Eye Sculptures - 14/07/16

Featured image of article: Shakespeare’s New Place – Mind’s Eye Sculptures

Our new “Mind’s Eye” sculptures have been installed at the heart of the site of William Shakespeare’s house, known as New Place, which was demolished in the 1750’s. The hawthorn tree and the platonic orb are a complementary pair of sculptures in cast bronze, placed close to Shakespeare’s chair and desk, centred in a ring of freshly planted pleached hornbeams on the site of the old house. Both the tree and the orb are seen polished bright, and the tree bends before the strength of Shakespeare’s imagination. Expedition’s Chris Wise and trustee Timothy O’Brien are joint artistic directors for the project, which opens fully later in summer 2016.

We have also designed bronze and oak doors which are clenched together with hand made bronze nails, and folding stools which can be seen in action in this video clip.