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Tensegrity+ - 22/07/15

Featured image of article: Tensegrity+

How do you make a piece of sculpture more than just a series of connecting static elements? These are the types of questions we have been asking as we develop the concept for the bamboo tensegrity sculpture for the beautiful Anglesey Abbey Gardens in Cambridgeshire.

Teaming up with sister companies of the Useful Simple Trust, Expedition have been undertaking a series of design workshops exploring the design opportunities for a new art piece to be situated within the National Trust gardens. From early on the aspiration has been to develop a structure that is also engaging and interactive, whether that be a piece that changes with touch, wind, rain, or is part of a wider game within the park – a Tensegrity+. As part of the design development, research has been undertaken into ‘zero stiffness structures’, and physical prototypes have been made which have led to some stimulating ideas and discussions. Follow this link to the project page for further images of the concept development.

Time is limited however as a dedicated team from the Trust is set to build the structure on site this September. Over the coming weeks the strongest idea will be taken forward, details developed and a cutting list generated. Watch this space for a further update!