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The Spring is dead… Long live the Spring! - 27/03/15

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If we were given a pound for every person who said they loved our old website then we would be rich … well certainly rich enough to commission a cool new website . But life’s not like that and in the years since that bouncy spring and dodgy washing line projects first swept across the screen the world of websites and their users has changed drastically.

Firstly, a not-so-minor issue was that anyone with a smart phone or tablet couldn’t see our site. Nor could search engines. In fact, unless you were searching for Viagra then it was unlikely that Google would point you in our direction at all. Then even if you got there our experts told us that it was optimised for fun rather than ease of use: the modern user would have given up and gone to look at Arup long before the first swoosh had finished its dance. And, vanity apart, truth be known, underneath the glitzy surface lay lots of sticky tape holding the bits together. So, wipe away your tears, but it had to go: so fun, but yet so flawed.

Designed by our colleagues and fellow beneficiaries over at Thomas Matthews, together with Carawebs our new site does exactly what you need: slick, lean, green and all the info you need at your fingertips. A bit like our engineering: everything you need but not a wasted drop more. We hope you like it!

So, farewell old site of the noughties and hello new. But rest assured, the same old Expedition team still rocks along behind the HTTP. And anyway, for those who mourn the old, surely you didn’t really want all that faff when you just wanted our phone number? And those cool cats with iOS who never got to see it…welcome to Expedition!