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WWF Living Planet Centre wins BCO ‘Test of Time’ Award - 09/07/21

Featured image of article: WWF Living Planet Centre wins BCO ‘Test of Time’ Award

The ‘Test of Time’ 2021 award from the British Council for Offices was given to WWF-UK’s Living Planet Centre in Woking for its lasting performance as a remarkable workplace.

Designed alongside Hopkins Architects and constructed in 2013, the headquarters pushed the boundaries of innovation and sustainability through its creative use of environmental features, being awarded an “outstanding” BREEAM rating in response.

The development features very strong environmental credentials particularly relating to energy use through on-site ground source heat pumps and natural ventilation. Strategic thinking resulted in the elegant and rational decision to design the building over an existing car park, initially seen as very radical.

From an ecological protection and biodiversity perspective, the design also features a cleverly designed drainage system SuDS including a landscaped swale on the edge of the Basingstoke canal. One of the challenges was to treat the surface water runoff to a very high standard through a SuDS train to protect the ecological sensitivity of the receiving canal (designated as SSSI).

Over time, the building has proven to be a highly attractive work environment and landmark for sustainable practice.

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Image courtesy of Richard Stonehouse, WWF UK