Northstowe Community Centre

Northstowe, Cambridgeshire

Expedition was appointed by South Cambridgeshire District Council to produce the Sustainability Statement in support of the Reserved Matters application for the eco-friendly Northstowe Community Centre (NCC) on Stirling Road, Cambridgeshire, forming part of the Local Centre and Employment Zone (LCEZ).

Planning has been approved for Phase 1 of the development to commence. The scheme will put the environment at its heart, and our holistic Sustainability Strategy sets the aspirations for climate resilience, biodiversity enhancements, net zero carbon development, circular economy, waste management, water efficiency, sustainable transport provision, and health and wellbeing.

Drawing upon the relevant national, regional, and local policies for sustainable development, the Centre’s principles are set out for the LCEZ (2019) and existing environmental and wellbeing best practices. This Strategy also follows some of the BREEAM principles for sustainable development, with a focus on developing a holistic and bespoke strategy tailored to the requirements that will add value to the project and the communities it serves.

As the first permanent community centre in the area, the two-storey NCC will comprise a large, multi-purpose main hall, activity rooms, meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, a café, ancillary spaces, and a sheltered garden for the local community. 

Designed to Passivhaus level standards of insulation and air tightness, it aims to set a benchmark for sustainable and inclusive community spaces, catering to the needs of people of all ages and abilities. The scheme will also reduce transport-based pollution by providing cycle parking and facilities to staff and visitors to encourage adoption of active travel. It is a fitting addition to Northstowe’s ‘NHS Healthy New Town’ designation, promoting health and wellbeing through its design and programming.

With the Council committed to enhancing biodiversity in the area, it also plans to agree on a new landscaping scheme. It will also feature green roofs and surrounding spaces for nature, including hedges, trees, integrated bird / bat boxes, deadwood features and a bee house. Combined, this will help to achieve a Biodiversity Net Gain of 19% within the site.

The District Councillor for Northstowe, Cllr Natalie Warren-Green, has highlighted the positive impact the new Centre will have on the various community groups, including the ‘Warm Hub’ and food bank. 

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"We’ve put some ambitious plans together for a permanent Community Centre which Northstowe residents can be proud of."

Bill Handley

Liberal Democrat Councillor

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