Bewlay House

Camden, UK

Expedition undertook rigorous structural analysis of the 1980s reinforced concrete building to justify its reuse and minimise the extent of remedial works necessary for its new lease of life. Through careful reconfiguration of internal spaces and floor voids, we were able to create contemporary new office space and two levels of residential accommodation, doubling the site’s net lettable area and greatly improving the quality of the office space.

Forgoing the demolition and rebuild of the original reinforced concrete (RC) framed structure by opting for adaptive reuse, we were able to dramatically reduce the project’s programme time by 15 months and save significant embodied carbon.  

By carrying out detailed research and analysis of the existing building on Jamestown Road, originally built as a pharmaceutical laboratory in 1989, we confirmed the level of stress already locked into the existing structure and proved its ability to accommodate the proposed changes. This enabled us to devise a strict sequence for the redevelopment works that was straightforward for the Contractor to implement. 

The considerable layout reconfigurations involved relocating the original atrium to a central position, permitting the existing floor plates to be used more efficiently and free up additional space. The ground floor slab was then modified by insertion of a void at the rear of the building to bring more light at lower ground level, along with a new staircase access.  

In conjunction with specialist Geotechnical Advisors, our team were able to demonstrate that the strength of the existing foundations was sufficient to support the weight of the additional floors, eliminating costly and time-consuming substructure strengthening works. 

Following re-analysis of the structure locally, we then worked closely with the architect to set out the new floor openings, eliminating the need for temporary works and significantly simplifying the construction process.

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“What I appreciate when working with Expedition is their approach and positive attitude. They bring a high level of engineering capability, mixed with good knowledge of how stuff is built, and an ability to get design and contractor teams to collaborate.”

Geoff Springer

Construction Director, London + Regional Properties

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