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Expedition worked as part of the Sustainability and Environment Team for the Olympic Delivery Authority to advise on water matters. Our involvement included the definition and implementation of a water strategy to enable the project to meet its sustainable development targets, with regards to water supply, foul and surface water drainage.

Our involvement included:

• Clarification of the sustainable development targets with a particular focus on the post-game Legacy;

• Definition of a method to assess performance and establish compliance against water targets by the design teams for each venues, and agreement of this method with key stakeholders;

• Definition of a water supply strategy to meet the targets, with consideration of water efficiency, rainwater harvesting, borehole abstraction and water recycling;

• Definition of a parkwide surface water drainage strategy with particular considerations of the implementation of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems and management of flood risk.

• Implementation of those strategies and coordination with the different design teams.

Ed McCann
Judith Sykes
Fred Labbé

Client: Olympic Delivery Authority

Status: Completed 2012

2012 Olympic Water Strategy