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The original building at 32 Jamestown Road, in the Borough of Camden, was built as a pharmaceutical laboratory in the late 1980’s. Currently in use as an office, the building consists of a basement, ground floor and three additional storeys. The new mixed-use development has added two additional floors on top of the building.

The existing building is a reinforced concrete frame, and this structure has been retained up to the third floor level. The additional storeys were designed as a lightweight steel frame using composite floor construction. This enabled the existing foundations to be used without any additional strengthening works.

A key challenge in the refurbishment was the amount of opening works required. A new central atrium was cut and the existing atrium infilled.

We undertook a detailed structural analysis to demonstrate that two storeys could be added without the need for significant temporary works or expensive strengthening works.


Seán Walsh
Eva MacNamara

Client: London & Regional Properties

Architect: Ben Adams Architects

Project Value: tbc

Status: Complete


Professional photographs copyright Jack Hobhouse

Renders courtesy of Ben Adams Architects

Bewlay House, Camden