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A new mixed-use development comprising 8,000sqft of retail, 23,000sqft of office and 10 residential units replacing a semi-derelict Victorian hotel.

The building extends 8-storeys and includes a new award-winning classical 9-bay limestone façade, featuring Palladian and Corinthian orders in keeping with the adjacent buildings by Quinlan & Francis Terry.

Basement layout and building foundations are designed to minimise load change to the LUL Northern line tunnels under Tottenham Court Road and not undermine the adjacent Dominion theatre or embassy buildings whilst maximising lettable area. The new building and basement is acoustically separated from the adjacent Dominion theatre and also includes a new electrical sub-station.

Georgian Group Awards 2009: New Building in the Classical Tradition

Seán Walsh
Neil Reeder

Client: London & Regional Properties

Architect: ESA with Quinian & Francis Terry

Status: Completed 2009

265 Tottenham Court Road