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We worked with the architects Apt and Weber Industries, a specialist fabrication company based in Peckham, to design an extension to a Modernist Grade II* listed private home in Chelsea. The house has previous extensions including a Norman Foster conservatory added in the 1990s.

As the building is such a rare example of modernist architecture in the area, the project was granted with planning permission that expires after a specified period. This meant the modular extension had to be designed to be fully removable and was designed to be three steel ‘pods’ that could be craned in to sit on a chassis spanning over the existing garage.

Clip of pod being lifted into place

Architects’ Journal article


This project had been on the drawing board for a while and was finally given the go ahead in the summer of 2019. The extension was then built during the autumn and winter in the fabrication yard and then lifted into place early in March 2020.

Working with the fabricator we used Rhino – with them modelling and us reviewing the designs. Rhino worked as a valuable communication tool for working out intricate façade detailing.





Seán Walsh
Alessandro Maccioni

Client: Private
Architect: Apt
Fabricator: Weber Industries
Status: Complete


Professional photographs copyright Richard Chivers

64 Old Church Street, London