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British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) approached us to develop a water supply strategy for their headquarters campus. Over the course of the next decade BSkyB will be redeveloping the campus into a new state of the art broadcasting facility, and sustainability is high on the agenda.

We carried out a detailed modelling exercise to establish current and future water consumption patterns.

Our focus has been firstly on reducing water demand, with a comprehensive review of technologies and water fittings available on the market. We also made recommendations for the development of a metering strategy and influencing user behaviour.

Rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling are often promoted as sustainable alternatives to mains water supply. In our experience, these systems are usually not cost effective and deliver little whole-life environmental benefit. To assess their merits, we carried out life cycle assessments of cost and carbon emissions, for a number of alternative supply options for the BSkyB Campus.

The strategy we developed sets out a clear path to reducing water consumption by 40% against a “business as usual” baseline. We defined achievable targets for each phase of the re-development and reporting standards to allow BSkyB’s Sustainability Team to track progress against these targets throughout the design process.

Judith Sykes

BSkyB HQ Water Strategy