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Expedition has significant in-house expertise in structural dynamics and human-induced vibrations, with a project portfolio including bridges, buildings, stadia, canopies and experimental structures, and a major focus on human-induced vibrations.

Our dynamics input to bridge projects has ranged from analysing and specifying tuned mass dampers for the ultra-slender Infinity Footbridge, to performance based design to eliminate dampers for the low-maintenance Chiswick Park Footbridge. We also provide specialist advice to other engineering practices, assisting in early stage design development through to acting as CATII/CATIII checkers.

In buildings, we have extensive experience in dynamic design and assessment of staircases, floors, balconies and other walkways – including for the feature staircase at the headquarters of The Institution of Structural Engineers!

We recognise that dynamics is often a confusing subject to engineer and layperson alike. Therefore, we take great care to work closely with clients and other designers to make sure the key messages are clearly communicated.

We bring together specialist knowledge, practical experience and research; we have a number of technical publications on the subject in addition to strong links with a number of top universities. Our recently developed “Vibrate-it” app is free to download from Google Play app store, and it uses the phone’s in-built accelerometers to give an instant ‘verdict’ on whether the vibration of your structure is acceptable. Let us know what you think!

Pete Winslow
James Parker
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Dynamics and Vibrations