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We were appointed to carry out a strategic review of the existing surface water and foul drainage infrastructures serving Heathrow Airport.

The replacement cost of the drainage infrastructure at Heathrow would be well in excess of £200M. The drainage systems are fundamental in the disposal of liquid waste, surface water runoff and the prevention of pollution incidents.

The effectiveness of this infrastructure was fundamental to the reliable operation of the airport. The purpose of this review was first to identify and explain at a strategic level how the systems work and then to identify areas of risk to the operation of Heathrow Airport – particularly in relation to environmental compliance.

Key elements of work included:

  • data collection;
  • consultation with users and regulators;
  • producing graphical representations of the systems to facilitate management understanding and strategic decision making;
  • identification of areas of risk; and
  • recommendations about what needs to be done to mitigate such risk.


Judith Sykes

Heathrow Airport – Drainage Review