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This 1400m² Buckinghamshire building feels just like a 21st century stately home….we can easily imagine it being there in 500 years. On this project we fulfil a conventional structural and civil engineering role working with Robin Partington and Hamilton Associates. Apart from the prosaic challenges of building in the ground (wet muck and sweat!)…most of our effort is directed at providing the necessary open spaces, clean lines and integrating the services and that structure. The similarities between this structure and the Duxford Air Museum are not co-incidental…this design builds on several of the ideas developed on Duxford with Robin when he was at Foster’s and some of us were at Arup.

Bruce Martin

Images courtesy of Will Pryce(n.1) and Amit Pasricha(n.9)


Client: Private client

Architect: Hamilton Associates

Status: Completed 2006

Holmewood House