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Working with Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Expedition was part of the team that won the competition in 2006 to design the new headquarters for the Intesa Sanpaolo bank. Expedition were the structural engineers working in collaboration with Studio Ossola in Turin.

The 85,000m², 166m tall skyscraper, is located near Turin’s historical city centre and is designed for 2,000 employees, as well as large public spaces at the top and bottom.

Sustainability was at the heart of the client’s brief and the design team’s response. To reduce energy use and improve air quality, the building will use natural ventilation and cooling systems. During the evening, cool air will be naturally drawn through the precast concrete floor slabs, cooling them so that they keep the building comfortable during the day.  The building has been awarded LEED Platinum accreditation – a very rare achievement for a commercial skyscraper.

The whole building is contained between two glass planes and supported by six mega-columns. From the triple-height public roof-top greenhouse there are clear views of the Alps as well as the whole of the city.  At the bottom of the building, a 364 seat auditorium is hung two stories above ground level. The walls of this four-storey deep auditorium comprise part of the transfer structure supporting the 30 office floors above.  The basement extends five-storeys below ground and is squeezed between an underground car park and a main road next to a cut-and-cover railway.

Construction of the 170,000 cubic-metre basement started in late 2008 with the tower structure following in 2010. In February 2012 the main transfer structure at level 7 supporting the office storeys above was raised into position, creating the space below for the new auditorium – see timelapse video below. The final floors were completed at the end of 2013 and the bank started moving in at the end of 2014. The tower’s inauguration ceremony was held on April 10, 2015.

The Tower has also featured in Detail Structure’s website and Grattacielo Intesa Sanpaolo.




Seán Walsh
Tom Hull
Chris Wise

Client: Intesa Sanpaolo

Architect: Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Management Contractor: Jacobs Italia

Superstructure contractor: Rizzani de Eccher

Project Value: €240m

Status: Completed 2015

Intesa Sanpaolo Tower, Turin, Italy