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We teamed up with Hopkins, BDSP and Grant Associates for the design competition for the Olympic Velodrome and were delighted to be selected from a field of the great and the good to design this, one of the architectural highlights of the Olympic Games.

We enjoyed the challenges that the accelerated design and construction process provided us with and believe that the way the project overcame them has produced a stunning example of team collaboration at its very best.

We are delighted that others agree with us and have awarded the building a number of accolades including: the IStructE Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence 2011, The Prime Minister’s Better Public Building Award 2011, ICE London Award for Building of 2011, the AJ100 Building of the Year Award and joint overall winner of the New London Awards 2011. The project was also shortlisted for the 2011 RIBA Stirling Prize.

In February 2011, the building grabbed the press headlines as the first venue to be completed on the Olympic Park, handed over ‘on time on budget’ by the client, the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) to the organisers of the London Games (LOCOG) to much celebration.

Watch a time lapse video of the constructionlook inside the venue with Sir Paul Smith and see below for links to download a selection of published papers and articles.

A number of leading lights from Dave Brailsford to Boris Johnson have said very nice things about the project.. but one of our favourite reviews was penned by Kevin McCloud who visited when it was under construction:

“…Up on the roof…the perfection of the Velodrome’s design is manifest….[a] grid-like web of steel cables that run taut from dozens of attachment points on a perimeter frame of steel tubing. They cross each other every few yards forming a compound curve as they drag each other up and down into conformity, supporting great floating panels of roofing material held in the grid.

It is a magical anti-gravity thing, a testament to tension, a brilliant piece of engineering, a vast flying, dancing roof above a smaller, precious oval track… it makes me want to come and see it animated.”

We quite like it as well.

Photographs of completed construction courtesy of ODA.






Chris Wise
Andrew Weir
George Oates
Pete Winslow
Ed McCann
Fred Labbé

London Olympic Velodrome