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We have developed some useful design guidelines to share. These will help design teams quickly get a handle on the performance of their buildings in terms of environmental and wellbeing criteria such as daylight, building energy use and overheating, among others.

Through our high density living work on Tower Hamlets, the aims of the study were to:

• Develop a holistic approach to healthy environments through a comprehensive analysis and understanding of environmental and wellbeing criteria such as daylight, sunlight, overheating, building energy use, outlook, privacy and their interdependencies.

• Propose targets for the above criteria and a approach for dealing with design trade-offs for when the targets can not be achieved for all criteria.

The study consists of 2 stages:

1. Development of an Environmental and Wellbeing Framework defining metrics, targets + an appraisal methodology for the different criteria;

2. Parametric modelling work to test the above framework and develop design guidance.

The  Environmental Best Practice Guidance Stage 2: Modelling results and design guidelines are on the Tower Hamlets site:

We’ve already heard it’s been useful in informing other schemes…

Tower Hamlets – High Density Living