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With Exploration Architecture, Expedition developed the water strategy and structural proposals to support the client’s vision of a zero-waste factory with minimal whole-life energy consumption for a major expansion of their textile production facility in India.

Working closely with the client’s technical team and suppliers, we reviewed a wide range of technologies to develop an integrated solution that allows reuse of approximately 50% of the effluent, reduction of energy use associated with water treatment by approximately 50%, waste streams by 75% – all with a payback period of just 2 years, compared to standard approaches and technologies.

The textile industry uses large quantities of water, which in the context of relatively scarce water resources in Central India conflicts with other uses such as agriculture. The water strategy we developed aims to treat and maximise the reuse of the industrial effluent. This was particularly challenging as chemical dyes and significant levels of salts need to be removed before reuse. The conventional response involves expensive and energy intensive processes.

The structural work related to a new factory unit, more than 400m long on plan and 70m wide. Recognising the influence of operational energy in the whole life cycle of a building of this type, the structural systems, building envelope and form were developed to enable operational energy to be minimised. The result is an elegant structure keeping natural resources to a minimum with northlight trusses of varying depth. The roof profile was developed in response to optimisation exercises in regard to truss steel weight.

Fred Labbé
Ailsa Roberts

3D renders provided by Exploration Architecture


Architect: Exploration Architecture

Status: Scheme Design completed 2014

Zero-Waste Textile Factory