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We worked with Milton Keynes Council (MKC) to prepare an evidence paper exploring new policy mechanisms to deliver their ambitious target to become a zero-carbon city by 2050.

The paper presents existing low carbon policy and associated initiatives in Milton Keynes, reviews best practice around low and zero carbon development, identifies emerging trends which will impact Milton Keynes’ long term strategy around zero carbon, and makes recommendations for how MKC can effectively enable the transition to a healthy, thriving and sustainable future.

The work builds on Milton Keynes’ longstanding culture of innovation in design and sustainability, and is based on background research and stakeholder engagement. Our sister company Useful Projects hosted a workshop with representatives from MKC and local businesses, to help explore the strengths and weaknesses of current schemes, identify what could be learned from best practice elsewhere, and, in the context of future trends, explore how policies and workstreams can be better aligned.

Read about our Director Judith Sykes’ role on the MK Futures 2050 Commission


Judith Sykes

Client: Milton Keynes Council
Status: Complete

Milton Keynes Low Carbon Policy