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As part of the Section 106 provision (planning gain) for our Millharbour mixed-use project, we were commissioned as lead designers for a new pedestrian bridge across South Dock. With a span of 76m. the bridge is key to reinforcing the existing public transport links between the Canary Wharf hub and the new Millennium Quarter on the Isle of Dogs. Our preferred proposal was an open scissor bridge, supported on a central pier, providing the shortest possible direct walking route across the dock. The bridge hulls are made as a semi-monocoque in structural steelwork, with a solid steel skin below handrail height. To meet the operational constraints of the dock, each half of the bridge can be lifted using hydraulic jacks. Waiting pedestrians would enjoy a five minute engineering display as the bridge gently lifts to allow ships to pass along the dock.

Client: Fidelity Investments

Status: On hold

South Dock Bridge, London