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Expedition worked with Flanagan Lawrence to create the a new stage by the sea at Littlehampton’s East Beach. Sharing the beachfront with Thomas Heatherwick’s acclaimed East Beach Café, the elegant structure adds further to Littlehampton beach’s unique appeal.

The project includes two back-to-back concrete shells, formed from sprayed concrete as little as 100mm thick. The shell form is required to provide both structural and acoustic performance, as well as the striking architectural form. Expedition worked closely with Flanagan Lawrence and their acoustic consultant to optimise the shape so that structure, appearance and function work in harmony with minimal material use. The shells that resulted are two beautiful forms which provide a different take on the traditional beachfront bandstand.

Such a specialist structure could only be designed within the fairly limited project budget by making full use of Building Information Modelling (BIM). Modelled in Rhino, based on an initial form-finding exercise by Expedition, a simple automated transfer of the model from Rhino to the analysis package was set up, allowing quick analysis and review of design iterations. The form was then transferred in Revit, making use of Revit’s ability to automatically adjust the drawings for each design iteration.

Pete Winslow
Andrew Weir

Client: Littlehampton Town Council
Architect: Flanagan Lawrence
Status: Completed 2014

Stage by the Sea